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You can also check out the UOAF Codex, our growing collection of technical and tactical information.

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Who We Are

We aspire to be the most fun, accessible, humble and passionate flight simulations squadron around.

Every week, we craft detailed, well thought-out BMS events, and explore other sims such as DCS and the Il-2 series. We also maintain a reference wiki for the community, which we aim to polish over the years to empower your flying. Our doors are open to anyone willing to learn, grow, and have fun with like-minded virtual pilots, without strict hierarchies or unrealistic commitments. Well-known guests can be invited to join the Roster, the core decision-making organism of the squadron; Roster members carry the responsibility of representing the squadron, leading flights, and making community-wide decisions.


We respect our members, their time, and their pace. We understand everyone has their own learning style, time available, and commitment level. No matter if you want to be a wingman and bomb tanks all day, or take the fate of a 20-ship package into your own hands, if you put in the effort, there's a place for you.


Modern air combat is hard. Gone are the days of lone aces: to accomplish the mission, you will need to work with the rest of the package. Keep an eye on your lead and practice mutual support. Help planning missions. Win as a team!


Day after day, we try to learn a little bit more on the fascinating and mind-blowingly complicated world of aviation, and we love talking about it. Whether it's about the latest Russian ADS, the best profile to attack an airfield, or what fuze settings work best for cluster munitions, you'll find something to chew on.

Continuous improvement

No one is ever done learning, and teaching is the best way to cement knowledge. We want to do it better, faster, and safer; whenever we can, we like to debrief our events thoroughly, so stick around and learn with us. We also try our best to collect data from each event to have a solid understanding of our playerbase and to improve the experience for all involved.

What We Do

Jets, props, and rotors.

We focus our effort on consistently fun and well-planned BMS events, leveraging the excellent Dynamic Campaigns provided by the BMS team and by modders. That doesn't mean we don't foray into other sims for fun, and if there's something you are interested in that we don't cover, we might just try it with you.

Months-long BMS campaigns

There's not much out there that can beat the experience of looking at the complex battlefield provided by BMS and planning, briefing, executing, and debriefing a 20-ship mission. We follow the timeline of the campaign, from the chaotic opening moves of SEAD and DCA/OCA to the leisurely mopping up of entire battalions towards campaign end. Our events don't happen in a vacuum.

Friday Night Flights

When interest spikes, we like to throw down an extra day of the week. Applying the same mindset as the main events, but with more user input and room to explore, we often run parallel campaigns, alternative theaters, or thematic events.

Pickup flights

We try to foster a community that has the tools and the expertise to set up mini-events on the fly, with as little planning as a few messages on discord. We aim to provide a stable, accessible server managed by the whole Roster that can be used for ad-hoc missions. You can get Discord roles to get pinged when such flights are forming up, and with the right circumstances, you might find something to do every day.

DCS events

DCS is a wonderful platform with enormous potential, and we are working to expand our activities to include regular DCS events. In the meantime, why not propose a form-up on a public server? Or a helo night?

Il-2 Sturmovik

Many of us enjoy a good old wardbirds dogfight, and it's great training even if your focus is on more modern platforms. A hard-fought duel is always a rewarding experience, or maybe you'd like to organize a co-op evening of Eastern Front action?

The Codex

We started working on the Codex to collect the bits and pieces of forbidden knowledge necessary to run BMS events, and it slowly grew to include technical and tactical information on a number of subjects. We want our knowledge base to be shared and enriched over time, to provide a rock solid foundation to our flying.

Fly With Us

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Take a look at our codex to find all you need for a confident start in BMS.

Getting started

Installation & hardware


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Study the basics

From takeoff to comms and brevity


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Read our SOPs

Standard procedures and contracts


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